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Remote infrastructure monitoring using real-time data improves performance and efficiency of water networks

Smart water networks help prevent service failure

Upgrading to a smart water network enables utilities and municipalities to monitor pipeline networks in real-time, supporting targeted proactive management and maintenance. Better decision-making, driven by comprehensive data can help reduce incidents of leakage and diminish the risk of service failure for customers. Incidents on the network can instantly be identified or even anticipated by monitoring pipe deterioration and alerting on unauthorised tampering activity. Smarter management of networks improves performance, benefiting customers and helping to protect the environment, while keeping costs down.

Network data
& analysis

Real-time water network reports and alerts accessible via ADARI portal.
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Leak reduction
on network

Swift identification of leaks helps safeguard water supplies and reduces NRW.
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Network security
& anti-tamper

Rapid identification of unauthorised extractions reduces water quality incidents.
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Pipeline condition

Deteriorating pipelines can be identified and replaced before they fail.
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Smart water

Real-time water usage data makes automated billing easy and accurate.
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Quickly identify illegal or unauthorised water extractions.
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We work in partnership with some of the biggest brands

Working as part of your team

  • Our smart technologies continuously monitor your critical infrastructure enabling you to optimise efficiencies
  • We can provide real-time data on pipelines that are notoriously difficult to monitor on your network
  • Legacy standpipes and hydrant equipment can be sustainably upgraded to smart technology
  • Our pipe diagnostics technologies can accurately monitor deterioration in your pipes and pinpoint leaks
  • Hydrant abstractions can be correlated to water quality incidents and managed
  • Our extensive experience of working with utilities means we know how to best monitor your network

What our customers say about us

The relationship is absolutely brilliant and no issues or complaints

SEVERN TRENT WATERCustomer since 2016

We were not recording usage before and it looked like leakage, but there is accountability now... Previously, we’d gather no information; now we get monthly reports

SOUTH EAST WATERCustomer since 2015

We’ve had a long-standing relationship. What you’ll find is that there’s lots of innovation… we are using better ways of detection whether it’s cameras or pipe diagnostics

YORKSHIRE WATERCustomer since 2010

We’ve seen growth in the amount of people hiring standpipes and the revenue stream has been extraordinary

SEVERN TRENT WATERCustomer since 2016

Having the flow and pressure of water from various hydrants is beneficial

SOUTH EAST WATERCustomer since 2015

Want to talk about Orbis smart networks?

Would you like to be able to instantly detect leaks, measure water flow, spot discolouration and identify illegal tampering on the network?

Orbis’ feature-rich, non-invasive monitoring devices are affordable, easy-to-install and can be deployed across the entire network.


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