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Vision & Values

Smart technologies – smart water networks – enables smart decisions

Orbis is committed to delivering smart technologies that support utilities and municipalities in the critical job of delivering safe and reliable water services. We have developed a range of technologies that offer real-time data on consumer water usage, network efficiency and pipeline condition, that can be used to optimise networks. With accurate data, maintenance can be smartly targeted, reducing leakages, water discolouration and pressure abnormalities, and reducing risk of service failure. They can also alert on network tampering and illegal usage, and measure consumer water consumption so it can be accounted for and billed.

With an uncertain future ahead, Orbis’ smart technologies are an essential part of creating a flexible and resilient water network that can rise to the future challenges of climate change and changing consumer demands.

Our Values


Operating at the forefront of technological research and development we respond readily to our partners’ requirements


Our technologies deliver accurate data that can be completely trusted to inform critical decisions


Water is essential to life and we cherish the part we play in securing supplies on a water scarce planet


We develop close relationships with our partners so we can deliver the highest possible standard of service


Our strength is in the bonds between our people and their integrity, and that respect emanates to our partners

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Would you like to be able to instantly detect leaks, measure water flow, spot discolouration and identify illegal tampering on the network?


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