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A free water hydrant-locating app for standpipe users has been launched by Aquam Water Services.

The standpipe supplier developed the app to point permitted customers to the nearest hydrants approved for use by water companies, using information provided by individual utilities.

Aquam supplies licensed standpipes for utilities across the UK, delivering legally compliant equipment to authorised third parties, such as construction companies, local authorities and event organisers, that need their own temporary supply of water.

The Aquam Hydrant Finder app, which launched in April 2023, currently has hydrant details from four water company partners live on the system, with more due soon. It can be accessed for free by any end-user who has completed Aquam’s Calm Network training, which ensures those who connect to the network do so competently and safely, so as not to disrupt the public water supply.

Aquam operations director Stuart Henderson said: “We regularly get enquiries from our customers – the end-users who have hired standpipes – about where their nearest approved hydrant is. Historically, we would look through plans ourselves or contact the relevant water company directly and pass this information on.

“Now, in response to customer feedback, end-users can now access that information themselves, making the process quicker and easier for them, and reducing the number of enquires to water companies.

“By using accredited Calm Network training as the gateway to the data, water companies are reassured that their water supply will only be accessed by individuals with acceptable levels of competence who fully understand the dos and don’ts of the network.”

Those with access to the app can quickly view location and distance of the 10 nearest hydrants through a postcode search or GPS location, get directions and street views, technical information such as hydrant type and any additional detail that the water company wishes to highlight. If a hydrant is not available for use, such as during a drought when water use is restricted, it will not appear on the app.

Henderson said, “Water companies have control of what information is displayed – all they need to do is give us the locations of their available hydrants, and any other detail, and we do the rest. Importantly, if there are water supply issues in specific areas we can ‘switch off’ hydrants, so those not authorised for use will not be displayed.

“The app was developed in conjunction with our water company partners as a service enhancement and we will continue to liaise closely with them, as it develops. We’ve had some really positive feedback so far. I would like to thank water companies for their support in developing this service and look forward to collaborating on further enhancements.”

The Aquam Hydrant Finder app is available on android and Apple phones and tablets, and some laptops.