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Orbis smart network product range

Upgrading to a smart water network enables you to continuously monitor your critical infrastructure in real-time, so you can optimise efficiencies and performances. Our SmartHydrants and SmartStandpipes give you access to data that can be used to drive better decision-making and allow you to automate the billing process for customers. We can also upgrade your legacy standpipes and hydrants using our SmartCap and SmartPipe technology. Our cloud-based portal ADARI then collates all the data from the sensors and uses algorithmic models to create actionable intelligence to manage your water network efficiently.

Orbis also has a range of pipe diagnostic technologies that can accurately monitor deterioration in pipelines and pinpoint leaks. The Investigator 100 and Investigator LDS 1000 offer live-feed CCTV images, hydrophone data and GPS tracking.

Our smart product range


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Want to talk about Orbis smart networks?

Would you like to be able to instantly detect leaks, measure water flow, spot discolouration and identify illegal tampering on the network?

Orbis’ feature-rich, non-invasive monitoring devices are affordable, easy-to-install and can be deployed across the entire network.


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