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Predicting and locating pipeline failure quickly

Increasing water scarcity driven by climate change and population growth, is escalating the pressure on water utilities to reduce leakages. With growing financial penalties and stricter environmental and regulatory targets to meet. Orbis’ range of smart technologies can monitor networks in real-time, accurately locating leaks and identifying pipelines at risk of failing. Effective management reduces non-revenue water (NRW) losses and poor water pressure problems. It also diminishes the risk of service failure and increases customer satisfaction in the levels of service.

How can our smart technologies help prevent pipeline failure?


Monitoring networks using ADARI platform to identify leaks


Using ADARI portal to identify hot spots at risk of leaking


Locate leaks using our in-pipe diagnostic equipment


Fully accounting for consumer usage with smart hydrant and standpipe technology

Real-time access to data facilitates instant responses

Orbis is committed to helping pipeline asset owners reduce leaks and account for NRW through real-time monitoring. Our cutting-edge smart sensor technologies can monitor vast networks of underground infrastructure that have previously been difficult to manage. The ADARI portal and dashboard then converts the sensor data into actionable intelligence, which can pinpoint leaks and identify hot-spots at risk of failure. Identifying at-risk pipes in advance enables maintenance to be properly planned while maintaining the integrity of the pipeline network.

Accurately investigate internal condition of pipes

Investigator 100 and Investigator LDS 1000 are the most advanced technologies that can be deployed to detect and locate leak events from within pipelines. This specialist leak detection equipment can precisely pinpoint the GPS location of leaks and provides detailed data on the severity of internal pipe corrosion. This data can then be used to estimate lifetime expectations of pipelines, which enables maintenance to be properly planned, preventing future leaks and bursts.

Accounting for hydrant and standpipe consumer water usage

Our smart hydrant and temporary standpipe technologies provide accurate measurement of water consumption and flow. These intelligent devices can identify when, where and who is using the water so customers can be accurately billed. This means every drop of water is accounted for and is not counted as leakage. These technologies can be applied to legacy assets, making them smart-enabled, or new, fully integrated hydrants and standpipes can be installed.

Want to talk about Orbis smart networks?

Would you like to be able to instantly detect leaks, measure water flow, spot discolouration and identify illegal tampering on the network?

Our smart product range


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