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Orbis smart network solutions

Upgrading to a smart water network enables you to monitor pipeline infrastructure in real-time, supporting targeted proactive management and maintenance. Our technologies give you access to critical pipeline data that can support better decision-making, helping you to reduce leakages and service failures. By adopting smart technologies you can boost the performance of your networks, benefiting customers and protecting the environment, while helping keep costs down.

Network data
& analysis

Real-time water network reports and alerts accessible via ADARI portal.
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Leak reduction
on network

Swift identification of leaks helps safeguard water supplies and reduces NRW.
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Network security
& anti-tamper

Rapid identification of unauthorised extractions reduces water quality incidents.
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Pipeline condition

Deteriorating pipelines can be identify and replaced before they fail.
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Smart water

Real-time water usage data makes automated billing easy and accurate.
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Quickly identify illegal or unauthorised water extractions.
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Want to talk about Orbis smart networks?

Would you like to be able to instantly detect leaks, measure water flow, spot discolouration and identify illegal tampering on the network?

Orbis’ feature-rich, non-invasive monitoring devices are affordable, easy-to-install and can be deployed across the entire network.


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