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ADARI – Actionable Data & Alerts for Resilient Infrastructure

Access to timely, in-depth information can help ensure the smooth operation and long-term resilience of the water network. Orbis’ ADARI cloud-based portal uses algorithmic models to track and analyse what is happening across multiple datapoints.

Data from devices deployed on pipes feeds into the portal via global positioning satellite (GPS) and is processed to provide timely updates. Real-time status reports and alerts on parameters including flow, leakage and pipe condition are available as required. Records are held securely and can be viewed online or, through an application programming interface (API) arrangement, on a utility’s in-house database. Anyone with appropriate authorisation can access the reports and the raw data is also available for deeper analysis.

Optimise your network and operations

Leak alerts

Instantly pinpoint the location of leakage events safeguarding water supplies and reducing pressure problems.


Accurate real-time data on customer water usage supports automated billing and creates a revenue stream.

Tamper alerts

Rapid identification of unauthorised interference on the network can reduce incidences and help maintain water quality.

Flow monitoring

Constant network monitoring is effective in quickly identifying leaks and other events before they impact customers.

Vibration monitoring & pressure alerts

Vibration-induced fatigue is a common cause of pipe failure that proactive monitoring can reduce.

Pipe condition alerts

Notifications for ageing and deteriorating underground pipe infrastructure can prevent failures.

Temperature and freeze alerts

Real-time notification of changes in temperature in the water network can help avert major incidents.

Urban water management

Robust, readily available water network data and internet-of-things (IoT) connectivity help build smart city resilience.

Water quality

Drinking water discoloration and contamination can be quickly identified, minimising complaints and risk to public health.

Zonal water balance

Automation of water balance activities makes distribution and water-loss management much more effective.

Features of the ADARI Portal

  • View standpipes and hydrants on a map, in clusters or singularly
  • Filter to display different standpipe and hydrant meters
  • Find standpipes being used outside their licensed area
  • Export data for more detailed analysis of usage
  • Filter on short date ranges to investigate specific events and locations
  • View abstraction data showing location, date, time and volume
  • Identify discolouration and low pressure events
  • Export abstraction data to feed into water balance calculations

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