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Real-time access to data facilitates instant responses

Managing and maintaining vast networks of underground infrastructure is a challenging business. Existing pipelines are ageing and failing at an alarming rate and the climate is becoming more volatile, while customer expectations are becoming more complex. Improving the performance and resilience of water networks is essential to reduce service failures and increase levels of customer satisfaction. Orbis’ range of smart technologies helps support sustainable network management, which is better for customers and better for the environment.

Our smart technology can improve your network performance


Locate leaks and identify areas at greatest risk of failure quicker


Identify cause of network incidents such as bursts or water quality discoloration


Improve water supply by quickly identifying blockages and water loss


Avoid unnecessary and expensive pipe replacement


Reduce costly water leakages and resulting pressure problems


Help identify and prevent illegal tampering or extraction

Constantly monitoring your network in real-time

Upgrading to a smart water network gives you real-time data from a network of sensors on your infrastructure, which enables the whole network to be closely monitored. The ADARI secure portal and dashboard then converts this data into actionable intelligence, which can accurately pinpoint where corrective action is needed. Generating reports on network efficiency and providing raw data for deeper drill analysis. These insights empower you to make smarter data-driven investment decisions and robust future contingency plans.

Features of the ADARI Portal

  • View all standpipes and hydrants on a map or individually
  • Filter to display individual standpipe and hydrant meter statistics
  • Locate standpipes being used outside their licensed area
  • Export data for more detailed analysis of usage
  • Filter by date to investigate specific events, such as discoloration or bursts or pipe usage
  • View abstraction data showing location, date, time and volume
  • Locate sources of discolouration and low pressure
  • Export abstraction data to feed into water balance calculation

Want to talk about Orbis smart networks?

Would you like to be able to instantly detect leaks, measure water flow, spot discolouration and identify illegal tampering on the network?

Our smart product range


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