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Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of what we do

As water and wastewater network optimisation specialists, we are continually innovating our products and services to help utilities and municipalities to improve their environmental sustainability.

How our products and services support sustainability for water utilities:

  • By fitting smart solutions to existing infrastructure, we help preserve infrastructure and resources for the long-term
  • By reducing water lost through leaks and bursts, our technologies reduce energy wasted from pumping and treating water
  • We help build greater resource resilience through better water and wastewater management
  • By keeping more water in the network, our technologies reduce water abstractions from the environment, benefiting rivers, streams, lakes and ecosystem biodiversity

Our company sustainability policies seek to address greenhouse gas emissions and waste across our entire operation, as we strive to continually strengthen our practices. We comply with all relevant legislative and statutory environmental laws and regulations.

Our company commitments to sustainability:

  • We have installed an electric car charging point at our UK headquarters in Derby and the company car fleet is switching to electric vehicles
  • We seek to give staff flexibility in where they work and make use of video conferencing to reduce our carbon footprint from unnecessary travel
  • Seek to minimise emissions and reduce the negative impacts of transportation when purchasing good and services
  • Aim to increase reuse and recycling, and wherever possible use recycled and environmentally friendly products
  • We are committed to reducing waste generation and seek to minimize the waste we send to landfill
  • We promote and practice reuse and recycling to conserve resources and all our standpipes are recycled and the metals reclaimed
  • We are working to remove the use of paper from our business

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