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SmartCap technology

Upgrade your fire hydrants sustainably to become smart monitoring devices with our SmartCap technology. Designed to retrofit into existing hydrants, this cutting-edge technology gives you accurate data to measure pipeline flow data to manage your network and reduce non-revenue water loss.

SmartCap is an effective leak detection system that is robust, adaptable, and takes advantage of existing urban infrastructure to build resilience. Make the shift from reactive decision-making to data-led proactive operations by integrating our smart water technologies into your drinking water infrastructure systems.

The Orbis SmartCap is an intelligent fire hydrant and pipe monitoring device that enables remote leak detection by providing intelligent network data from a multi-sensor. Packaged into a fire hydrant cap, the device can convert any fire hydrant, be that wet or dry barrel hydrants or legacy hydrants, into a smart-enabled asset simply by replacing the pumper nozzle cap.

Monitor your network using SmartCap technology

Data received by the sensor is automatically uploaded to Orbis’s cloud-based, user-friendly Streamline Portal, which collates an array of pipe and flow parameters and conditions along with GPS location information.

The Streamline Portal uses algorithmic models to create scheduled reports and alerts which can be accessed by operators and converts the data into actionable intelligence that can be used to support better decision-making and pre-emptive maintenance to avoid critical leak events.


The Orbis SmartCap can turn any fire hydrant on the water distribution network into a smart enabled device. This non-invasive monitoring device provides automatically uploaded data and fits onto standard fire hydrants by simply replacing the pumper nozzle cap.

Fire hydrants fitted with a SmartCap function in the same way as those without the devices, and no specialist equipment is needed to remove them. The technology does not hinder fire crews in their work, meaning there are no fire safety issues.

SmartCap Features

  • Suitable for all standard hydrants
  • Replaceable battery
  • CAT M1 cellular connectivity
  • Suitable for monitoring distribution pipes (18” diameter or less) from the hydrants
  • Sited above ground – eliminating signal concerns
  • Suitable for wet and dry barrel hydrants

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