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Accurately assessing pipeline condition

Orbis smart water network technology can help you take a more proactive approach to pipe condition assessment. Waiting for a leak to occur or replacing perfectly good pipelines along with corroded pipes is wasteful, expensive and time-consuming. Our smart assessment tools can create detailed data to underpin decision-making to rehabilitate corroded networks, with minimal disruption to customers. Helping to reduce service failures and increase customer satisfaction, reducing complaints and improving ratings.

How our smart technologies can help assess pipeline condition


Use ADARI portal to identify hotspot areas at risk of failure


Accurately analysis pipeline interiors using our pipe diagnostic equipment

ADARI portal can pinpoint areas susceptible to future failure

Orbis is committed to helping pipeline owners manage their networks efficiently, using a network of smart sensors to collect data. The ADARI portal and dashboard converts the sensor data into actionable intelligence which can pinpoint hotspots that may be susceptible to potential future failure. The consequences of leaks and bursts are high. Identifying at-risk pipes in advance enables you to properly plan maintenance expenses while maintaining the operational integrity of the pipeline network.

Accurate pipeline assessment enables data-driven investment decisions

Orbis’ world-leading asset condition assessment and leak detection technologies provide detailed data to underpin decision-making when rehabilitating corroded networks. Pipeline owners can quickly locate leaks and identify infrastructure at risk from corrosion by accurately assessing its life expectancy. The Investigator 100 and the Investigator LDS 1000 capture thousands of individual in-pipe datapoints, providing detailed information on wall condition and liner thickness. This helps prioritise works, optimise budgets and prevent future infrastructure failures.

Features of pipe inspection systems

  • Can be inserted into live water mains and sewerage networks
  • Live-feed CCTV and high-resolution digital camera images
  • Real-time hydrophone, sonde data capture and GPS tracking
  • Pipeline analysis over 1,000m (3,300’) from entry point
  • Live potable water pipes assessed with pressures up to 10 bar (232psi)
  • Easy access through existing valves as small as 150mm (3”)

Want to talk about Orbis smart networks?

Would you like to be able to instantly detect leaks, measure water flow, spot discolouration and identify illegal tampering on the network?

Our smart product range


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