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Smart hydrant technology

Upgrade your fire hydrants sustainably to become smart monitoring devices. This cutting-edge technology gives you accurate real-time data to measure water extractions and pipeline flow data to manage your network. Our SmartHydrants come with this technology already integrated, while our SmartCaps are designed to retrofit your current hydrants.

Managing multiple users on a utility network is made much easier with smart technology. They can calculate the precise volume of water extracted from the network and assign it to an authorised user. The technology also provides GPS location data and records the time the water was taken, making it easy to bill authorised users accurately.

Monitor your network using smart hydrant technology

Our technologies monitors, processes and records multiple channels of data from a variety of sensors and transmits it wirelessly to our cloud-based ADARI portal. ADARI converts the data into actionable intelligence that can be used to support better decision-making and pre-emptive maintenance to avoid critical events.


The SmartHydrant has built-in multi-sensor to detect an array of pipe and flow conditions. Data is automatically uploaded to the ADARI portal where scheduled reports and real-time alerts can be accessed by operators.

Benefits of smart hydrant water metering

  • Alerts on unauthorised extraction
  • Accounts for NRW reducing leakage figures
  • Alerts on any illegal tampering
  • Helps manage pipeline flow and water balance
  • Reduces water discolouration incidents
  • Helps combat leakages and bursts


The SmartCap carries all the functionality of the SmartHydrant and can convert any fire hydrant on the water network to be smart-enabled. This non-invasive monitoring device provides real-time data that is automatically uploaded. It fits onto standard fire hydrants by simply replacing the pumper nozzle cap.

SmartCap Features

  • Suitable for all standard hydrants
  • Replaceable battery
  • CAT M1 cellular connectivity
  • Suitable for monitoring distribution pipes – 300mm (12”) or less – from hydrants
  • Sited above ground – eliminating signal concerns
  • Suitable for wet and dry barrel hydrants

Interested in learning more about smart hydrant technology?

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