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Orbis has signed a multi-year contract with AWS for the supply of 23,000 to be used by major water utility companies in the UK.

The contract extends through 2022 and includes both the Prodigy UltraPipe and Prodigy SmartCap technology. The devices connect to a secure portal with dashboards that enable real-time and auto-generated reporting.

Innovative technologies like the Prodigy SmartCap are clearly the future of water infrastructure management.

Danny Krywyj, President of Orbis said, “We’re excited to work with Wolseley Canada, the premier distributor of water works products in Canada. Adding the SmartCap to the Wolseley product lineup will enable municipalities across Canada to start proactively reducing leakage and unnecessary customer supply disruption and, more importantly, ensure the safety of our water and assets.”

Brian Scott, Vice President Water works Wolseley, said “Innovative technologies like the Prodigy SmartCap are clearly the future of water infrastructure management. This agreement will ensure our customers have access to the newest and most cost-effective asset management technologies, allowing them to make informed decisions based on real data.”

Contact: Simon Wick or 619-455-9165

About Orbis Intelligent Systems

Orbis Intelligent Systems, an Aquam Corporation company, provides data-driven monitoring solutions for pipeline infrastructure, including waste/drain pipelines, potable water pipelines, fire suppression systems, utility distribution pipelines, and HVAC and mechanical pipelines. Orbis technologies empower asset owners and operators with real-time high-quality data, integrated data analytics, and low-cost IoT solutions across commercial, residential, and utility applications.

About Wolseley Canada

Wolseley Canada ( is a market leader in the wholesale distribution of plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, waterworks, fire protection, pipes, valves and fittings and industrial products. With its head office in Burlington, Ontario, the company has approximately 2,700 employees and over 230 locations coast to coast. Wolseley Canada’s parent company, Ferguson plc ( is the world’s largest trade distributor of plumbing and heating products and a leading supplier of building materials.